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आनंद सभा के लिए माड्यूल का चयन समिति के समक्ष प्रतुतिकरण बैठक

प्रेषक का नाम :- सत्य प्रकाश आर्य
स्‍थल :- Bhopal
20 Jan, 2017

Subject-experts and trained consultants have offered modules for the Anand Sabha. The idea is to incorporate lasting positivity in the minds of school and college going students, by roping them into activities, which would hone them into balanced personalities and teach them to lead a self-empowered and fulfilling life. The routine school curriculum has value education modules, which have a positive impact on receptive student mind-sets. Continuing this endeavour further, the Anand Department, with the assistance of trained volunteers and teachers, is aiming at helping the students tap and optimize their intrinsic potential. Modules for individual and group activities will be provided in educational institutions, which will enable bring a holistic disposition to their lives. It is also important that students acquire a fundamental understanding of self-introspection, symbiotic existence, emotions, sensitivity, compassion, creativity and also the significance of situation-assessing, problem solving, decision-making, effective communication and stress-free living For the Anand Sabha programs to make a good headway, experts and trained volunteers need to engage in path-breaking debates with school and college students For this purpose the RAS has also invited interested organizations working in this area. Fifty-six, out of the 88 applications received till 30.11.2016, were found invalid in the first round itself either due to incomplete data or for not concurring with the objectives of the Sabha The remaining 32 applications were sent for the committee’s perusal. Twenty-one organizations were unanimously shortlisted after a thorough scrutiny in the first round of selections. The shortlisted organizations made their presentations in Bhopal on the 12th -13th January. They showcased their strategies and plans of developing the life skills of students. For the purpose of developing appropriate modules for the various programs of the RAS, the department has a selection committee comprising of experienced scholars from the field of psychology, environment, education, governance etc, which screens these organizations and candidates who are preparing and offering modules. On the basis of their presentations, the Selection Committee shortlisted modules from 7 organizations, which can be introduced in schools and colleges if they are found practical and realistic.

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