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Special session of Alpviram

प्रेषक का नाम :- Shivraj Singh, ADM and nodal officer department of happiness, Gwalior
स्‍थल :- Gwalior
05 May, 2017

Special session of Alpviram held Gwalior/ A special session of the 'Alpviram' has been organised by department of happiness, Gwalior in the late T Dharma Rao Jansunwai hall at collectorate, Gwalior on Tuesday. Zonal director of Bhopal zone, Brahmakumari Abhdesh Bahan was the chief guest in the session. Collector Dr Sanjay Goel, ADM and nodal officer of department of happiness, Shivraj Singh, SDMs Rinkesh Vaishya, Vinod Kumar Singh, H B Sharma, Ganesh Jaiswal and Brahmakumaris Jyoti Bahan including several district head of the different departments and several Anandak participated in the session. At the outsetof the session, collector Dr Sanjay Goel threw light on department of happiness in brief. Nodal officer department of happiness and ADM, Gwalior, Shivraj Singh shared the story of his personal change and expressed vote of thanks to guests and participants at last. Anandam Sahyogi Dr Satyaprakash Sharma convened the session. Brahmakumari Abhdesh Didi made practice of listening of the inner voice within the participants.

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