• भारतीय लोकतंत्र का जश्न मनाने के लिए ईसीआई द्वारा "मैं भारत हूं" गीत • आनंद उत्सव की सांख्यिकी • ऑनलाइन कौर्स : ए लाइफ ऑफ़ हैप्पीनेस एंड फुलफिल्मेंट


Workshop: Developing Happiness Index for Madhya Pradesh (22-23 February 2018)

1. Happiness Department (Govt of Madhya Pradesh) was set up in 2016 with the object of promoting the subjective wellbeing of the state by assisting people lead more fulfilling, meaningful and happier lives.

The objectives of the department are as follows :

  • Identifying and defining a Happiness and Wellbeing Index.
  • Providing guidelines for various government departments for collaborative functioning, as they work towards facilitating happiness in the State.
  • Mainstreaming the concept of happiness in policy making and its implementation.
  • Designing activities and determining an action plan for enabling an experience of joy.
  • Reviewing and evaluating the happiness index of citizens in accordance with established parameters at regular time intervals.
  • Preparing and publishing a study report on the state of happiness in Madhya Pradesh.
  • Continuous research on the subject of happiness facilitation as also upon the parameters of assessing those methods.

2. Rajya Anand Sansthan :
The RAS is an autonomous body created by the Happiness department to implement its programs and promote its objectives. For a holistic and fulfilling human existence it was decided by the department to provide tools and techniques of inner wellbeing and advancement and the RAS works proactively towards achieving this vision. The RAS strives to design and promote such programs which are launched across the state in urban as well as rural set ups, not just to enrich the lives of people but to collect data on Happiness levels so as to work in the direction of augmenting it further.
The RAS administrative set has an Additional Chief Secretary at its head with a senior Civil servant as its CEO.

3. Rekhi Center IIT Kharagpur :
Rekhi Centre of Excellence for the Science of Happiness, IIT Kharagpur, was set up in Mid 2016 with the intention of exploring the science of happiness with focus on (a) developing courses (b) doing research on different aspects of happiness and well-being(c) Industry collaboration in terms of research, assessment and technology development (d) outreach, so that the courses and research may benefit others. The Center consists of 14 faculty members from diverse disciplines such as Psychology, Management, Culture and Communication, Computer Science, Medical sciences, Signal processing and devices, and Social Sciences. Currently the Centre runs three courses for its students, and is also collaborating with the Government of Madhya Pradesh and NKDA Kolkata for Scale Development. It has also developed some courses and training programs for SAIL and for CRPF apart from those for its students at the Centre. It is in the process of collaborating with some universities and organizations in Bhutan, USA, and Canada too.

4. Participation :
The workshop is being organized by RAS (Happiness Dept. MP) in collaboration with the Rekhi Happiness Centre, IIT Kharagpur. It will bring together eminent scholars, academicians, experts, practitioners and administrators from the field of Happiness and human wellbeing, to deliberate, discuss and arrive at substantial inferences with regard to the various key components of Happiness Index study.

5. The objectives of the workshop are :

  • To identify key domains and sub domains for the measurement of happiness.
  • To vet and improve upon the Survey Questionnaire.
  • To recommend and finalize the various other aspects of the scale such as methodology, measurement, validity, reliability, sample size, sampling methods and other related issues.