AplViram with Yoga (in occasion of 3rd International Yoga Day)

प्रेषक का नाम :- शैलेन्द्र सिंह डाबी
स्‍थल :- Ujjain
28 Jun, 2017

Organized An AalpViram Session in duration of International Yoga Day Celebration. Total 35 participants are actively participated in AaplViram with Yoga Program.Feedback this program is Excellent, all participants continue 15 minutes Aaplviram on topics "Benefits of yoga practices in human life" but if required real peace in human life than AalpViram is very effectively & easy. Aalpviram Practice are provide solution of all problems like tension relief , develop strong relationship bond, develop positive attitudes ect. This AalpViram session organised by Ujjain Aanandak Sahyogi & Master Trainer "Shri Shailendra Singh Dabi (शैलेन्द्र सिंह डाबी)".

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