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Discourse and Workshops on Happiness

MP Government has set up an Anand Department to help create an ecosystem of lasting joy and subjective wellbeing. It is an accepted fact that material amenities alone can neither ensure a complete and holistic life nor can they guarantee absolute happiness! Keeping this in mind the department endeavours to make available tried and tested tools and techniques of happiness enhancement to the State which may help people lead happier, stress-free, mindful lives.

For this we invite all such personages, institutes and organisations-- who are already engaged in similar ventures at the national and international levels-- to join hands with us and work towards this noble cause. We invite them and offer them a platform to hold their workshops or deliver discourses in the State for the benefit of the various government departments, educational institutions and the general populace.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Interested persons will have to apply online.
  2. The proposal received will be scrutinized by the Rajya Anand Sansthan (RAS) on the basis of the information provided online.
  3. Since there is no last date for submission of such applications, the proposals received shall be scrutinized from time to time (at least once in a month). The application which does not appear to the satisfaction shall be rejected and the concerned informed. The decision of RAS in this matter shall be final and not open to any negotiations.
  4. The following process shall be adopted for the applications found satisfactory on scrutiny, related to holding workshops:-
    1. The applicant shall be invited to make a presentation which should cover the content, duration, relevance and the cost of the proposed workshop.
    2. Sample workshop will be organised at pre-determined places for pre-identified groups of participants. The applicant will be paid for this workshop accordingly on such terms and conditions as would be mutually agreed upon during the aforementioned presentation.
    3. If the workshop is found useful, concerned shall be empanelled. Such empanelled persons shall be then authorised to collaborate with various Government departments and institutions for organising the workshops. In addition, the RAS may also organize these workshops at its discretion. The payment and other terms and conditions for holding these workshops whether by RAS or any department or an institution under such department shall be approved by the RAS.
  5. The following process shall be adopted for the applications related to holding of discourses, if found satisfactory:-
    1. The applicant shall have to submit DVD of any of his previously delivered discourses.
    2. The RAS may hold the discourse of such persons before such participants as it would finalise.
    3. If the performance is found satisfactory the RAS will empanel such speaker.
    4. The terms and conditions of delivering the discourse shall be finalised by the RAS and thereafter such speaker may be invited by various Government departments/institutions for delivering a discourse on the subject of happiness.